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PP/PS sheet extrusion line - copy

PP/PS sheet extrusion line, thermoforming sheet extrusion machine.

PP/PS sheet extrusion production line is common for single-extruder single-layer sheet production line and double-extruder co-extrusion three-layer sheet production line. There are also multi-extruder co-extrusion multi-layer production line, which can process 7-9 layers of composite sheet at most, such as high-barrier EVOH multi-layer co-extrusion production line. This type of extrusion line can process PP, PS, PE and other polyolefin materials.

GWELL PP/PS sheet production line:

Multi-extruder co-extrusion technology is adopted to produce multi-layer co-extrusion composite PP and PS sheet, such as ABA, ABCBA, ABCDCBA and other multi-layer structure, which is widely used in heat forming, printing, hardware packaging, electronic tray, flocking, food, clothing, tools, toys, stationery pieces, decorative pieces and so on.

1.inclined horizontal structure, easy to operate and maintain.

2.GWELL independently wrote the electronic control operating system.

3.roller independent power, linear speed and extruder speed synchronous closed-loop control.

4.equipped with precise distributor, evenly layered, adjustable proportion of each layer, digital precise control.

5.the whole machine adopts PLC control to realize automatic control of parameter setting, data operation, feedback, alarm and other functions.

Main applications of PP/PS sheet:

  1.PP/PS blister sheet

  2.PP stationery sheet

  3.PP transparent sheet, frosted sheet (coarse sand, fine sand), two-color sheet used in stationery packaging industry sheet.

  4.PP/PS single layer sheet, PP/PS co-extruded two-color sheet, PP double-sided high-transparency sheet, etc. Sheet used in blister packaging industry.

  5.PP foam sheet, PP foam sheet has unique advantages, PP foam sheet with density of over 0.45g/m3 has a good bending resilience, not easy to deformation, so it has a broad prospect in the field of folders; PP foam sheet with density of 0.6g/m3 has good mechanical properties and has a very broad future in the field of automobile interior decoration. It can be processed into carpet support materials, shade board, sound insulation board, luggage rack, interior decoration, cover, box, etc. PP foam sheet with density of 0.3g/m3 has good flexibility and resilience, suitable for packaging, partition board and other fields.




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