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CHINA GWELL is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing polymer material planar forming equipment. After more than ten years of rapid development and growth, the company has three manufacturing bases and Shanghai company's foreign platform: manufacturing bases are located in Taicang City, Suzhou, Nantong Chongchuan District and Yancheng Dafeng District in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, covering a total area of more than 300 acres, with a total construction area of more than 180,000 square meters. There are 3 senior scientific researchers, 5 industry experts, more than 100 senior engineers, engineers and technicians specializing in mechanical, electrical and polymer materials, and a total of more than 500 employees. For three consecutive years, the sales volume in the field of planar forming equipment exceeds 1 billion yuan, and it is the leading enterprise of planar forming equipment at home and abroad. The company has more than 300 sets of processing equipment such as various types of gantry machining centers, precision machining centers, laser forming and CNC machine tools. With excellent processing equipment, professional talents, high integration of industrialization and informationization, the company has the processing capability of mass customization, the manufacturing capability of oversized and heavy equipment, and the super production capacity of 1000 sets of flat forming equipment per year. As a leading enterprise in the industry, CHINA GWELL is committed to the development of high-end products and innovative technologies, and has undertaken many provincial key and core technology research projects. In the fields of photovoltaics, automobiles and packaging, many technologies are at the international leading level, and many products are in the dominant position in the market.


The company's basic business philosophy is "professional shaping customer value, technology reflects product value", and the integration of cross-disciplinary engineering technology is the core competence of the company:

Product delivery capacity: the cumulative delivery of planar forming equipment exceeds 5,000 sets, and the cumulative export of products to more than 60 countries and regions.

Service support capacity: more than 50 full-time after-sales service engineers and more than 60 professional technical support engineers.

The company has been awarded the certification of quality, environmental protection and occupational health system, "Small Giant of Science and Technology", "Gazelle Enterprise" and "Industrial Internet and Cloud Platform Four Star Enterprise" and so on. As a postgraduate workstation of Southeast University, provincial technology center, and provincial special new enterprise, we insist on keeping the righteousness and innovation, join hands with our peers to achieve far, take the struggle as the base, take the customer as the center, serve the customers with leading technology, and repay the society with fulfilling our responsibilities.




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