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EVA POE PV encapsulation film extrusion line

EVA photovoltaic encapsulation film is used for the encapsulation of solar panels. After laminating and curing, it is bonded and sealed, which plays a role in high light transmittance, preventing water vapor penetration, high and low temperature resistance and ultraviolet light resistance of the battery components, and ensures the stable and efficient use of the battery components. It is a kind of durable and reliable packaging material. GWELL EVA PV film machine has 80% international market share.

Characteristics of GWELL EVA film production line:

(1) EVA single screw extruder is used for extrusion, and the barrel constant temperature circulating water cooling system solves the technical difficulties of EVA plasticizing and non-crosslinking.

(2) Double-sided embossing is adopted for the roller body, and technical difficulties of adhesive roller are solved.

(3) The cooling part adopts the cooling roller and the stress relief cold bed to make the film run smoothly and fully finalize the design, ensuring the shrinkage rate is less than 3%.

(4) The whole line adopts PLC automatic control to realize man-machine interface operation.

(5) The production line is equipped with online quality monitoring and control system to ensure the product qualification rate.

(6) Patented micro-tension winding machine, the line speed of the whole production line can reach 14m/min


EVA glass sandwich film, the products are widely used in:

Safety plate laminated glass, arc laminated glass, process laminated glass, bulletproof glass, discoloration laminated glass, conductive intelligent glass, solar cells and so on.

EVA hot melt adhesive film, embossed film, products are widely used in:

Sanitary products: medical operating suit, infant diaper membrane, women's sanitary towel bottom membrane, adult diaper membrane, pet pad membrane, disposable bed sheets, etc.

Daily necessities: umbrella, raincoat, suit coat, all kinds of table cloth, shower cap, shower curtain, apron, chair cover, etc.

Packing supplies: dust cover for computer appliances, soft packaging for cosmetics, shopping bags, gift bags, file bags, etc.

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