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Glass fiber reinforced polyurethane (GRPU), known as glass fiber reinforced polyurethane, refers to a high strength, high modulus, lightweight polymer composite material with high stiffness polyurethane elastomer as the matrix material and glass fibre as the reinforcing material, produced by continuous pultrusion process. Glass fibre reinforced polyurethane has the advantages of high modulus, high strength, good weather resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, light weight, good stability, etc. It has a broad application prospect in many fields such as construction engineering, marine antifouling, aerospace and automobile manufacturing. Water-based paint is an environmentally friendly paint, mainly composed of water-based resins, pigments, additives and so on. Compared with traditional oil-based coatings, water-based coatings are more friendly to the environment, do not contain harmful substances, have zero VOC emissions, and are harmless to the human body and the environment. Waterborne coatings use water as solvent, saving a lot of resources; waterborne coatings eliminate fire hazards during construction; reduce atmospheric pollution; waterborne coatings only use a small amount of low-toxicity alcohol and ether organic solvents, which improves the operating environmental conditions. However, at the same time, water-based coatings require high cleanliness in the construction process and on the surface of the material, as well as more stringent requirements for coating equipment and construction environmental conditions.

Composite frame in the field of photovoltaic both performance advantages and cost advantages, with the certification of such products to improve and performance optimisation, is expected to composite frame is expected in the field of photovoltaic priority volume. In recent years, due to the many advantages of polyurethane resin, glass fibre reinforced polyurethane pultruded composites market applications are rapidly expanding.



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